We believe that we all carry creativity in our DNA. Destined to see the not-yet-seen - to make potential a reality - to wonder at the new. To read a little bit more about what we value and believe, read this short blog post.

We love what we do and we work hard to help you create, and grow, your brand and identity - and to celebrate the special moments in your life with quality, passion and care.

We specialise in, and offer, a range of creative business design & branding services. We also provide bespoke Wedding Stationery, mixing beautifully handwritten elements with graphic design - specifically focusing on, but not limited to, the use of contemporary typography and calligraphy.

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We'd love to discuss how we can help you with your business, organisation, charity, wedding or event.

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Ben Dear | Founder & Creative Manager

SØN Creative is primarily run and administrated by Ben. He is the first friendly voice you hear when you get in touch and acts as the Chief Designer and Creative Manager on all projects that go through SØN Creative. In his spare time Ben loves to listen to (and create) music, spend time with his friends and family and watch (and play) a variety of sports. You might often find him sitting in a good coffee shop after wandering around a museum or gallery. 

SØN Creative also enlists the services of a team of wonderfully gifted designers, calligraphers and creative freelancers to help produce the highest quality projects and products we can. We have a team of Key Freelancers who specifically help Ben produce our range of Wedding Stationery services.