We believe that we all carry creativity in our DNA. Destined to see the not-yet-seen - to make potential a reality - to wonder at the new.

Just like DNA is passed from parent to child, we believe we carry creativity because we have inherited the DNA of a Creator. Regardless of what you might believe about how the world around us came to be in all its wonder and complexity, there is no doubt that we all have a part to play in the creating of the new. Innovation and creativity are characteristics of what make us who we are as human beings.

Whilst things like design, art, writing and music are some of the most common and obvious out-workings of the creativity characteristic we all carry, it does not need to be confined to these things. The way you move your friendships and relationships forward amidst the challenges of modern day life...the attitudes you adopt towards your work and work/life balance...the healthy new patterns you try and introduce to daily life...there is so much about who we are and how we approach the life we have been given that require us to see the not-yet-seen and make that potential a reality, to wonder at the new - to make a change - to be creative.

I'd love to chat more about this - and hear other peoples thoughts about the role creativity has to play in our day-to-day lives. Feel free to get in touch via info@soncreative.co.uk

Ben Dear | Founder & Creative Manager | SØN Creative