Some examples from our Branding & Identity Portfolio:

More than just a snazzy logo - good branding can not only add value to your business, but can also help form an identity that connects you not only to your employees, partners and volunteers, but most importantly your customers, users and audiences.

Here are just some of the things that we can help you and your business with at SØN Creative:

- Logos & Identity/Branding
- Business Cards
- Business Stationery (Letterheads, Envelopes, etc)
- Leaflets, Flyers, Banners & Posters
- Menus & Brochures
- Presentation Templates
- Signage
- Social Media & Info Graphics
- Website Design, Start-up & Handover
- Brand Guides
- Printing Administration


We are always open to seeing how we can help you. If you are looking for a branding or design solution that is not listed above, please do get in touch and we would love to talk more about how we can work together. For more information, and to get a free quote for your project, get in touch with us via our Contact page or email us at


NEW CLIENT DISCOUNT - We are currently offering this discount to any business, company or organisation we work with for the first time. 10% off the total project price. 

LOYALTY DISCOUNTFrom the 5th project onwards that we work on together, we will offer 10% off every future total project price.